Patient Handling

Patient Handling Training Course will teach employees the theory and practice of Safe Patient handling in the workplace. In the “General Application Regulations 2007, Safe Patient Handling techniques will be taught to staff to reduce the risk of injury to both the employee and the Patient.

Who This Course is for

  • Employers whose staff are engaged in roles where they have to move patients / residents, are required to ensure all of their staff are up to date with this certification
  • Employees who have to move/lift patients/residents within the course of their work

Course Content:

  • Have an understanding of the legislation relative to Manual Handling
  • Understand the anatomy of the spine, the muscular system and their uses in relation to  manual handling
  • Conduct a manual handling hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Lift and handle any type of loads safely
  • Biomechanics
  • Ergonomics
  • Backcare in everyday life
  • Importance of physical fitness
  • Lifting of loads appropriate to the workplace 
  • List the equipment available to avoid or reduce the risks associated with manual handling tasks
  • Explain the importance of good nutrition fitness to manual handling
  • Perform manual handling tasks in accordance with the principles of safe manual handling
  • Use of Mechanical Equipment
  • Principles of Safe Manual Handling
  • Patient Handling moves: Sitting up, turning, standing, walking and sitting
  • Dealing with a falling and fallen patient
  • Use of hoist
  • Use of enablers such as banana boards & turntables

    Course Duration

    • This is a full-day course.
    • It can be conducted on-site in the Employers place of business, or at a nominated venue.
    • It is recommended that participants undergo a Refresher Course every three years


    Learning Outcomes

    • Help meet the requirements for Patient Handling
    • Understand current legislation
    • Understand how to implement Patient Handling Safely
    • Certificate will be provided to each participant upon completion of the course